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List of Photographs

1. Before the war and T.A. Camps
2. 'B' Squadron photos
3. 'A' Squadron photos
4. 'C' Squadron photos
5. HQ Squadron photos
6. RHQ photos
7. During the war
8. During the war - IWM collection
9. POWs during the war
10. Repatriation 1943
11. After the war

1. Before the war and T.A. Camps

Before the War

Officers before the war (photo courtesy of the Earl of Haddington PHOTOGRAPH 1A1: Pre-War photo of L&B Officers
Pre-War photo of inspection by the Earl of Haddington (photo courtesy of the Earl of Haddington) PHOTOGRAPH 1A2: Pre-war inspection by Earl of Haddington
Pre-War photo of armoured car(photo courtesy of the Earl of Haddington) PHOTOGRAPH 1A3: Pre-war armoured car with the Earl of Haddington

Before the War - early 1930s

During the 1930's: Jack Allan middle row far right PHOTOGRAPH 1B1: Lothians during the 1930s
Early 1930's (Jack Allan left): PHOTOGRAPH 1B2: Early 1930's

Before the War - 1933 Scarborough

Scarborough: Jackie Allan is in the middle. See the gas masks slung in front of them. PHOTOGRAPH 1C1: Scarborough

Before the War - 1935 Catterick

1935 in Catterick (Jack Allan back row left): PHOTOGRAPH 1D1: 1935 Catterick
1935 in Catterick - general's inspection: PHOTOGRAPH 1D2: 1935 Catterick General's Inspection
1935 in Catterick - guard: Jackie Allan second from right. PHOTOGRAPH 1D3: 1935 Catterick guard

Before the War - 1936 TA camp

Gailes 1936 T.A. Camp: 19th (Lothians and Border Horse) Armoured Car Company Royal Tank Corps. Company of 16 cars drawn up - Rolls Royce 40-50 with Sgt Bob Cameron and Cpl Bill Donaldson: PHOTOGRAPH 1H1: 1936 Gailes T.A. camp

Before the War - 1937 TA camp at Barrie

Barrie 1937 T.A. Camp with Jake Clark, Sandy Ross, Jimmy Hogarth, Tommy Dahill, Sgt Bob Cameron PHOTOGRAPH 1J1: 1937 Barrie Camp
Barrie 1937 T.A. Camp: Sometimes the TA training came in use - this shelter created by hanging a tarpaulin between two vehicles was used in Boiry PHOTOGRAPH 1J2: 1937 Barrie Camp
Barrie Buddon: TOP: Sgt Lamb; Sgt Tom Easton. 3RD: Charlie McKinney; Rab Stewart. 2ND: Tom Rennie; Curly Fairholm (yes - army humour - he has little hair); Bert Christie. FRONT: Paddy Cox(?); Bill Tunnah; Bill RonaldPHOTOGRAPH 1J3: Barrie Budden

Before the War - 1938 TA camp at St Andrews

St Andrews 1938 Camp showing the fitting of the gas masks: JM Hogarth; Tommy Dahill; Jake Calrk; Geordie Corr; Sgt Bob Cameron; Cpl Bill Donaldson PHOTOGRAPH 1K1: 1938 St Andrews Camp and gas masks
St Andrews 1938 Camp: Bill Miller; Bill Donaldson (RSM 2nd line); Charlie Foley; Behind- Meechan (2nd line engine driver); Charlie McKinney half behind chap with fists on hips - Sgt Easton; Charlie Borthwick; Eddie Christie PHOTOGRAPH 1K2: 1938 St Andrews Camp
Sub section of 2 cars Rolls Royce 40-50 near Sma' Glen 1938: with a Vickers .303 on a swivel mounting, 2 slits for the driver and co-driver (other crew: gunner; and car commander). Note the radiator flaps open at a point to prevent overheating. They could be closed by the co-driver pulling a lever inside the car, and the front of the car would then be flat. PHOTOGRAPH 1K3: 1938 Sub section of 2 cars

Before the War - 1939 TA camp at Annsmuir, Fife

Ladybank 1939 Annual camp: Sgt Arbuthnott (1st); Mr Miller (3rd); Mr Henderson (5th); Mr Toombs (7th); Mr Tweedie ((9th); RQMS Kerr (11th) PHOTOGRAPH 1L1: 1939 Ladybank Annual Camp
Camp A Guard showing service dress: Cpl Ernie Leeper; Wattie Robertson; Kenny McCarton; ?; Johnny Finlayson; Hunter; Charlie Borthwick PHOTOGRAPH 1L2: Camp A Guard
Annsmuir Camp 1939 PHOTOGRAPH 1L3: Annsmuir Camp 1939
Annsmuir squad under inspection PHOTOGRAPH 1L4: Annsmuir: Bill Lawrie and squad under inspection
At Annsmuir: Norman Pattullo, Geoffrey Dove-Wilson, Jo Hume PHOTOGRAPH 1L5: Norman Pattullo, Geoffrey Dove-Wilson, Jo Hume
At Annsmuir: Nigel Baird, Ronnie Roberston, Gordon Simpson, John Brackley, Bert Graham, Jimmy Dallmeyer PHOTOGRAPH 1L6: Baird, Robertson, Simpson, Brackley, Graham, Dallmeyer, Jo Hume
1939 Annsmuir: Standing: ?; Kneeling: Tpr Alf Black; ?; ?; Tpr Kenny Johnson; Tpr Ingles; FRONT: Tpr Brydon; Sgt Arbuthnot; Cpl Aspey PHOTOGRAPH 1L7: Johnson, Ingles, Brydon, Arbuthnot, Aspey
1939 Annsmuir: 3 D/Rs. In the background are two of 'Alexander's £10 cars' that were used at Annsmuir to replace armoured vehicles. On the left is the old 1920's Humber. The second car in could be the Lanchester, which had a seni-automatic drive. PHOTOGRAPH 1L8: Alf Black on the left
1939 Annsmuir: Alf Black is on the right. PHOTOGRAPH 1L9: Alf Black on the right
1939 Annsmuir: The three at the back in the middle have polished leather belts, which were worn for walking out in the 19th ACC. The other four are wearing the old style broad webbing blancoed belts. All are wearing old pre-War Service dress. PHOTOGRAPH 1L10: Alf Black second right standing
1939 Annsmuir: Newspaper article dated 1 August 1939 about the Lothians at Annsmuir. NEWSPAPER ARTICLE 1L11: LEFT HALF and NEWSPAPER ARTICLE 1L12: RIGHT HALF

Before the War - undated photos

Regimental Dance 1939. BACK: ?; Sgt Davy Arbuthnot; Ted Lawrence; Geordie Kerr; Sgt Ian Jack; Sgt Bobby Mitchell ; ?; ? Bill Penicuik; Shufty Low; Sgt Ian Grant; Rab Smith; Sgt Veitch (worked in city chambers); Sgt Piper Wilson. MIDDLE: Tom Easton; Tucker Main; Sgt Lamb; Sgt Bobby Monteith; Sgt Jackie Allen; SSM Jimmy King; SSM John Henderson; SM Jimmy Strickland; Sgt Bob Cameron; Sgt Jimmy Hogarth; Hughie Cairncross; ?; Sgt Rab Stewart; Sgt Jimmy Merrilees. FRONT: Bandmaster Tooms; Major Dallmeyer; 2/Lt ?; RQMS Dick Kerr; 2/Lt Jardine; RSM Barnes; 2/Lt JR Johnston; Lt Nigel Baird; Cpt Ronnie Watson; Padre Rankin; 2/Lt Kenneth Spreckley; 2/Lt poss Ford; SM Jock Campbell; Lt Ross. PHOTOGRAPH 1Z1: 1939 Regimental Dance
Bandmaster Toombs and band PHOTOGRAPH 1Z2: Bandmaster Toombs and band
Cricket match Officers v other ranks PHOTOGRAPH 1Z3: Cricket officers v ORs
Tommy Dahill on the m/c (probably 1938)PHOTOGRAPH 1Z4: Tommy Dahill
Guard showing uniform: puttees under box pleat in trousers, pistol holster and webbing across each shoulder and down each side; regimental buttons and the wheatsheaf on the collar and black beret (probably 1938)PHOTOGRAPH 1Z5: Guard uniforms
Kit inspection (vehicles) (probably 1938)PHOTOGRAPH 1Z6: Vehicle kit inspection
LBY sergeants undated: BACK - SQMS Hughie Ross 'C'; Sgt Curly Fairholm; SQMS Bill Sinclair 'B'; Sgt Bobby Menteith; Sgt Dave Artbuthnot; Sgt JM Hogarth 'B'; Sgt RAM Stewart 'C'; Sgt Ian Jack 'HQ'; Sgt Hugh Cairncross; Sgt Bobby Mitchell D/Rs; MIDDLE - Sgt Jackie Allan 'A'; Sgt Pat Leckie 'A'; Sgt Eddie Christie 'B'; Sgt Bill Miller 'B'; Sgt Bert Christie 'C'; Sgt Shufty Low (in the cheesecutter); Sgt Jake Clark 'B'; Sgt Norrie Dye; Sgt Rab Smith 'HQ'; Sgt Ted Lawrence 'A'; FRONT - SQMS Dave Henderson 'A'; SSM Jimmy Strickland 'A'; SSM Jimmy King 'C'; SSM Bob Cameron 'B'; SSM Jock Campbell 'HQ'; RSM Jack Barnes 'HQ'; RQMS Dick Kerr 'HQ'; SSM Maurice Chandler 'HQ'; Sgt Alfie Upton 'HQ'; ? (only one unknown); Sgt Piper Wilson 'A'. PHOTOGRAPH 1Z7: LBY sergeants
LBY men undated with MatildasPHOTOGRAPH 1Z8: LBY men with Matildas
A Matilda in the stables of Hopetoun HousePHOTOGRAPH 1Z9: Matilda tank at Hopetoun House stables

2. 'B' Squadron photographs

Photograph of 'B' Squadron's Carrier Troop 3: L/Cpl Robson; Tpr W Deans; ?Tpr Jupp; ?; ? AND SITTING Tpr R Kerr; Sgt W Jackson; Sgt D Henderson; Cpl Kennedy; ?; Tpr Joe Harper PHOTOGRAPH 2A: 'B' Squadron's 3 carrier troop
Photograph of 'B' Squadron's Carrier Troop 4: Frank Stevenson; Tpr George Falconer; Tpr Mee; L/Cpl C White; Tpr White; ?; AND SITTING L/Cpl W Laing; Sgt 'Piper' Wilson; Lt Baird; Cpl Ken Roberts; L/Cpl C Borthwick PHOTOGRAPH 2B: 'B' Squadron's 4 carrier troop
Photograph of 'B' Squadron's Carrier Troop 6: Tpr Gordon Fortune; Tpr Sid Willis; Tpr Tabs Clithero; NEXT Tpr Rab Whyte; Tpr Jimmy McPherson; Tpr Ian McKenzie; Tpr Charlie McKinney; NEXT L/Cpl Jock Gordon; Cpl Johnny C Finlayson; TSM Jimmy Hogarth; Cpl Charlie Foley; Cpl Spud Murphy PHOTOGRAPH 2C: 'B' Squadron's 6 carrier troop
Photograph of 'B' Squadron's Sergeants' Mess: Sgt D Henderson AND STANDING Sgt Ian Grant (KIA); Sgt W Jackson; Sgt JD Clark; Sgt Eddie Christie; Sgt A Wilson (KIA); THEN Sgt Ernie Leeper; AND SITTING SQMS WB Biller; SSM AH Upton; Sous-Lieut J Thouvenin (Liaison Officer) 7 Chasseurs; Major WJ McCulloch; TSM JM Hogarth; TSM T Kerr PHOTOGRAPH 2D: 'B' Squadron's Sergeants' Mess
Photograph of 'B' Squadron left half (Names on the document) PHOTOGRAPH 2E: 'B' Squadron (left half)
Photograph of 'B' Squadron right half (Names on the document) PHOTOGRAPH 2F: 'B' Squadron (right half)
Copies of Sgt Ian Grant's paybook to give an idea of what the paybooks looked like (courtesy of Alistair Taylor)PHOTOGRAPH 2G: Sgt Ian Grant's paybook cover
PHOTOGRAPH 2H: Sgt Ian Grant's paybook page 1
PHOTOGRAPH 2J: Sgt Ian Grant's paybook pages 2 and 3
PHOTOGRAPH 2K: Sgt Ian Grant's paybook pages 4 and 5
PHOTOGRAPH 2L: Sgt Ian Grant's paybook pages 8 and 9
PHOTOGRAPH 2M: Sgt Ian Grant's paybook pages 18 and 19
PHOTOGRAPH 2N: Sgt Ian Grant's scroll
6 Carrier troop in post on the Maginot PHOTOGRAPH 2O: 6 Carrier troop in post on the Maginot

Individual photos of 'B' Squadron

SSM Alfie Upton (then beccame POW): Picture taken Boiry St Martin in 1940 PHOTOGRAPH 2AA: Alfie Upton 1940
Bannockburn tank and crew (George Prior gunner/operator; Mick Shanley, Major McCulloch's batman; Arthur Symington driver; Maj McCulloch commander behind the lens) before it was burned out at Cany on 10 June 1940; photo taken in the Maginot PHOTOGRAPH 2AB: Bannockburn
Corporal Heath, the cook, taken on the Maginot PHOTOGRAPH 2AC: Corporal Heath
Charlie Hopetoun PHOTOGRAPH 2AD: Charlie Hopetoun
Ian Pitman and Pat Turcan PHOTOGRAPH 2AE: Ian Pitman and Pat Turcan
David Jardine, Jo Hume, Harold Ford PHOTOGRAPH 2AF: David Jardine, Jo Hume and Harold Ford
Johnny Finlayson PHOTOGRAPH 2AH: Johnny Finlayson
Johnston PHOTOGRAPH 2AJ: Johnston
Kenneth Spreckley PHOTOGRAPH 2AK: Kenneth Spreckley
Freddie MacDonald, Cpl Ernie Leeper, Tpr Garden PHOTOGRAPH 2AL: Freddie MacDonald , Ernie Leeper, TprGarden
Wattie McCulloch, Ian Pitman, Pat Turcan, Donald McIntosh, Robert Baird PHOTOGRAPH 2AM: Wattie McCulloch, Ian Pitman, Pat Turcan, Donald McIntosh, Robert Baird
Freddie McDonald and Padre Rankin PHOTOGRAPH 2AN: Freddie McDonald and Padre Rankin
Tpr Melville; Sgt J Cameron;?; Tpr King;? PHOTOGRAPH 2AO: Tpr Melville, Sgt J Cameron,- Tpr King -

3. 'A' Squadron photographs

A Squadron on the way to church, England 1939 PHOTOGRAPH 3A: A Squadron on the way to church England 1939

Individual photos of 'A' Squadron

Tony Chambers PHOTOGRAPH 3AA: 2/Lt Tony Chambers

4. 'C' Squadron photographs

Photograph of 'C' Squadron left half PHOTOGRAPH 4A: C Squadron left half
Photograph of 'C' Squadron right half PHOTOGRAPH 4B: C Squadron right half

5. HQ Squadron photographs

HQ Squadron on the way to Waverley in 1939 PHOTOGRAPH 5A: HQ Squadron marching to Waverley 1939
Jack Barnes PHOTOGRAPH 5B: Jack Barnes

6. RHQ photographs

Padre Rankin PHOTOGRAPH 6A: Padre Rankin

7. During the war

Cookhouse staff PHOTOGRAPH 7A: Cookhouse staff
Cookhouse paraphernalia (taken on the Maginot) PHOTOGRAPH 7B: Cookhouse equipment on the Maginot Line
On the Maginot: Jim Johnston; Frank Stewart; Sgt Major Upton; Sgt Henderson (with beer) PHOTOGRAPH 7D: On the Maginot
Photograph of the chateau Caiville taken 8 June 1940 when it was HQ for the 51st Highland Division PHOTOGRAPH 7D: Cailleville chateau 1940
Group of wounded soldiers or representatives of dead soldiers after repatriation of wounded soldiers in 1943: BACK - W Lawson; Mrs THorburn-Brown; Ginger Gartland; ?; W Rodger; Mrs Younger; Stevie Stevenson; FRONT: Leacock; Col Ansell; J HogarthPHOTOGRAPH 7E: Group of repatriated soldiers 1943

8. During the war - IWM Colelction

The Imperial War Museum in London holds a number of photographs, documents etc. pertaining to the War and the Lothians.
A number of photographs are available, taken during the War in April 1940 while the Lothians were billeted in the Arras area.
The webmaster has applied for a license to reproduce the photos on this website.
The photos appear to have been taken of 'HQ' Squadron at Ayette.

In the meantime, here is a list of the photos:

9. POWs during the war

Stalag 383 Hohenfels

STALAG: 383 Hohenfels with - back row: Ian McDougall; ?; Bert Christie; Jimmy McKenna; Tam Bowie; Freddie Laws; Bill Miller; Hughie Cairncross. Middle row: ?; Tommy Kerr; Dick Kerr; Paddy Leckie; Bill Brydon. Front row: Arthur Symington; ?; Jimmy Auld; Sandy Fairley. PHOTOGRAPH 8A1: Stalag 383 with 17 men
1st Lothians in STALAG 383 PHOTOGRAPH 8A2B: Lothians in Stalag 383
Wrestling team in STALAG 383: Second row (seated) 3rd=Joe Dodds; far right = Larry Aspey PHOTOGRAPH 8A3: Wrestling team in Stalag 383
Tug of War team 1944 in Stalag 383: Back: Cpl McKenna, Sgt Dodds, Cpl Davidson, TSM Kerr, Cpl Aspey, Cpl Cunningham, Cpl Clark; Front - Cpl Brydon, Sgt Grieve, RSM Kerr, Cpl Finney, Sgt Leckie. PHOTOGRAPH 8A4: Tug of war team 1944 in Stalag 383
Tug of war finalists: 1st Lothians and New Zealand PHOTOGRAPH 8A5: Tug of war team finalists 1st Lothians and NZ in Stalag 383
Hugh Cairncross and Joe ? PHOTOGRAPH 8A6: Hughie Cairncross and Joe in Stalag 383
383 on 12 June 1943: The Lothian 4th right in the second row is Jimmy Auld PHOTOGRAPH 8A7: 383 on 12 June 1943

Stalag 8b Silesia

Stalag 8b. BACK: Willie Scott; ?; SQMS Freddie Laws; Sgt Wiseman (Signals). FRONT: Signals chap; Bobby Grieve; Jock Campbell; SQMS Hughie Cairncross. PHOTOGRAPH 8B1: Stalag 8b
Stalag 8b. Crafts Exhibition PHOTOGRAPH 8B2: Stalag 8b Craft Exhibition
Stalag 8b October 1941 with Hugh Cairncross PHOTOGRAPH 8B3: Stalag 8b in October 1941 with Hugh Cairncross
Stalag 8b: May 1942 with the Colonel: BACK: Freddie Laws; Hughie Cairncross; Bobby Grieve; Willie Scott; Jock Campbell; MIDDLE: last - Wiseman; FRONT: ?; ?; Col Mike Ansell; J Hogarth; Rab Stewart PHOTOGRAPH 8B4: Stalag 8b with Col Mike

Stalag 20A Thorn

Lothians Officers in Thorn 1941. BACK: ? ; AS Chambers; Dr Robert 'Binks' Inch; ?; FRONT: Dennis Flowers; Pat Turcan; Harold Ford. PHOTOGRAPH 8C1: Lothians officers in Thorn 1941
XXA 8 Jan 43 (note this photo was also labelled 3c) PHOTOGRAPH 8C2: XXA on 8 January 1943

Stalag 21B Poland

1942 in 21B (Poland): Back row 6th = Tpr Findlay; Front row = Cpl Davidson, Cpl Crawford, Sgt Ford, Tpr G Prior, Cpl Aspey PHOTOGRAPH 8D1: Lothians men in 21B Poland

Stalag 9C

Stalag 9C: Jack Allan left front (No other LBY in photo)PHOTOGRAPH 8E1: Jack Allan in 9C
Stalag 9C: Jack Skene in beret and Jack Allan 2nd to his left (No other LBY in photo) PHOTOGRAPH 8E2: Jack Skene and Jackie Allan in 9C
Stalag 9C: POW funeralPHOTOGRAPH 8E3: POW funeral in 9C
Stalag 9C: Jack SKene left and Jack Allan right, both with berets (No other LBY in photo) PHOTOGRAPH 8E4: Jack Skene and Jack Allan in 9C
Stalag 9C PHOTOGRAPH 8E5: John Stevenson in 9C
Stalag 9C PHOTOGRAPH 8E6: John Stevenson in 9C

Stalag 9A

Stalag 9A PHOTOGRAPH 8F1: Stalag 9A


The 3 padres: Padre McInnes (Camerons); Padre Rankin (1st Lothians); Padre Hunter (1st Gordons) PHOTOGRAPH 8Z1: the 3 padres
Rugby matches: Scotland v Wales and England v Ireland PHOTOGRAPH 8Z2: Rugby teams
Unknown Stalag, possibly 7A PHOTOGRAPH 8Z3: Possibly Stalag 7A: Alf Black kneeling in front on the right
Unknown Stalag, working party. Four are wearing Polish caps. It also looks like they are all wearing new greatcoats, possibly issued from Stalag stores via the Red Cross. PHOTOGRAPH 8Z4: Working party: Alf Black second from right
Unknown Stalag: Trooper John McKay middle row, third from left. PHOTOGRAPH 8Z5: Stalag: John McKay

10. Repatriation 1943

A repatriation was due to have taken place in 1942, but there were more wounded British prisoners of war than Germans in Britain and so Hitler wanted the rest of the numbers made up in captured submariners etc. Churchill refused and so the wounded British prisoners, already in neutral territory, were turned back and separated into other POW camps.

Finally repatration took place in 1943. Among the wounded were the blinded Lt Col Ansell, CO of the Lothians, and some of his men.

These are the words that greeted the repatriated prisoners on the ship PHOTOGRAPH 9A1: Welcome aboard repatriation ship
The repatriation ship PHOTOGRAPH 9A2: The repatriation ship

11. After the war

The Lothians took part in many reunions and there were many newspaper articles written about them.

Reunion in the 1950's

Reunion in the 1950s: Bert Hogg at the piano; standing behind him is Tommy Kerr; Bobby Monteith with the cigarette to Tommy Kerr's left and behind; then across to the viewer's right next to Bobby Monteith are Wee Andy (with glasses) who drove the Squadron truck; Jimmy McPherson; Paddy Cox; and George Leacock (with glasses). William Dunbar is behind the left shoulder of the man at the top end of the piano in glasses and a light suit and holding a drink. The first full face in the top left of the photo is Alex Hogg, Jake Clark is standing diagonally in front of him and Arthur Symington is diagonally in front of Jake Clark. Bobby Grieve is the partly obscured face to the top left of the pillar. The second full face to the right of the pillar and down is Safety Fraser and to his left is Jackie Allen. PHOTOGRAPH 10A1: Reunion in the 1950's
This newspaper photograph also shows some of the Regimental silver PHOTOGRAPH 10A2: Evening News: 3 colonels on parade

Reunion in the 1980's

Most of the reunions took place in Dunbar. The Lothians and their families would gather on Remembrance Day in the church hall and would march to Dunbar Parish Church for a ceremony.

PHOTOGRAPH 10B1: Reunion in the 1980's
PHOTOGRAPH 10B2: Three men in the grounds of Dunbar church
PHOTOGRAPH 10B3: Reunion of men
PHOTOGRAPH 10B4: Reunion of men
PHOTOGRAPH 10B5: Reunion of men
PHOTOGRAPH 10B6: Reunion of men
PHOTOGRAPH 10B7: Reunion of men
PHOTOGRAPH 10B8: Arthur Symington and Bert Hogg
PHOTOGRAPH 10B9: Reunion of men

Reunion in Perth in October 1995

A reunion took place in Perth in 1995 and the Lothians gathered to celebrate.